So something really bad has happened to you or a loved one…What Now?

What Now Counselling offers a wide range of counselling services for the crappy things that happen in life that can often leave you thinking “What Now?”

There are many situations which produce this response. If you or a loved one:

  • Have experienced a trauma, I provide a variety of trauma counselling
  • Are experiencing relationship difficulties
  • Are going through some difficulties which affects your (or their) ability to be sexual or intimate, I provide sexuality counselling to deal with such issues
  • Are not heterosexual (straight) or cisgender, and this is creating tension in your (or their) life, I provide counselling which deals with such issues.

Life can be traumatic at times, and often people do not understand the effect trauma has on one’s coping abilities. Society has a limited understanding of what trauma is, and often cannot understand why some people are traumatised by “seemingly small events”. For the person who is traumatised, these events are not small, in fact, they feel very big and important, and can have an influence on how that person reacts to situations in the future.

Trauma counselling provides a safe space to explore the fears and anxieties which the traumatic event brought up. In addition, trauma counselling can provide one with a variety of coping strategies for use in the future.


Relationships with loved ones can provide immense joy and happiness. These relationships can also be a source of pain and confusion. Many relationships today lack clear communication between loved ones. Relationship counselling provides communication skills which are beneficial for successful relationships, as well as ways to better understand your loved ones. People have different ways of expressing emotions and feelings, relationship counselling can provide a way to understand and recognise what your loved one is trying to express through their behaviour, and helping your loved one understand you better.

Our sexuality is a very sensitive but important part of our lives. When we are comfortable with our own sexuality, life seems to flow smoothly. However, when our sexuality is a source of conflict in our lives, life seems to be full of hurdles and obstacles. If you are experiencing difficulties with intimacy with a partner; especially as a Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, Transgender or Intersex person; or want to explore different aspects in your sex life, sexuality counselling may be of help to you.