Sexuality Counselling

As a Registered Counsellor, with a special interest in Sexuality and Sexual Health there is a diverse range of counselling services that I offer.

Currently, the sexual counselling services I offer includes:

  • Overcoming a sexual trauma or a bad past experience
  • Helping people discover the pleasure their bodies can offer them
  • Low sexual desire
  • High sexual desire – possible sex addiction
  • Pain during sexual activities
  • Premature Ejaculation
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • How to be sexual after disease or injury
  • Low sexual-self-esteem as a result of a surgery or diagnosis, for example a mastectomy or breast cancer
  • Acceptance of your sexual identity
  • Working through experiences of homophobia/transphobia as they effect your current sexual experiences
  • Sexual difficulties within a relationship
  • When one partner has a larger sexual appetite than the other, which causes tension
  • Performance anxiety

If there is a sexual problem which you would like counselling for, which is not in the above list, please contact me. This list is intended to be updated as I continue in my Masters Programme. However, life may have gotten in the way of such plans, and I may be able to assist you. If I am unable to assist you, I will be able to refer you to one of my colleagues.