Parental Counselling

Parental counselling is whatever you, as a parent, need it to be.

Parental Counselling often involves dealing with stress in a more effective manner, so that you are less likely to feel overwhelmed by everything going on.

Parental Counselling sometimes covers alternative methods of discipline (moving away from shouting and smacking, to methods that work with each child), and building respectful relationships with your children.  Each family is unique, and each child reacts differently, so together, we work out which techniques work best for your family.

Parental Counselling can also involve working through the difficulties of finding out that your child is not what you had expected. Sometimes, this is about finding out your child has special needs. Or when your child is diagnosed with an intersex condition, and you want a safe space to talk about, and think through the way you interact with your child going forward.