About Me

profile2I am a Registered Counsellor specialising in sexuality, gender, relationships, parenting and trauma. I provide counselling for individuals and couples, as well as sexuality education workshops for parents and adults.


I have a Masters in Psychology (Research) from the University of the Witwatersand.  My thesis looked at how 2014 marticulants evaluated the sex education received in school.

After completing my Honours Degree from WITS, I completed a BPsych equivalent course through Unisa, which included an internship. This enabled me to register as a Registered Counsellor with Health Professionals Council of South Africa (HPCSA) in 2013. After which I began to see clients at my private practice.

I completed my internship at Ekupholeni Mental Health and Trauma Centre in 2012. I then worked there part time during 2013 as a Trauma Counsellor.  During this time I created and implemented a basic literacy programme to assist our clients with a basic literacy level.

Tools for having “The Talks” –  A 3 day workshops for parent on how to have age-appropriate conversations with their child – based on the World Health Organisation’s Standards for Sexuality Education.  These workshops provide parents with information and skills for having hard conversations about bodies and sexuality with their children.  These workshops are age-specific, and provide age-appropriate information for each of the following age groups:  3-6 year olds; 7-10 year olds; 11-14 year old; and 15 years and older.

I have always had a special interest in Sexuality. However, in South Africa, there are no formally recognised institutions to study sexuality and sex therapy/counselling.  As a result, I have done extensive research into the different aspects of sexuality, and how counselling can assist with specific sexuality related issues.  Both my Honours Thesis and my Masters Thesis (both through WITS) investigate different aspects of sexuality. I have also been involved with the Psychological Society of South Africa’s Sexuality and Gender Division (PsySSA’s SGD), and the South African Sexual Health Association (SASHA).


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