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Sexuality Counselling

Our sexuality is very sensitive but important part of our lives. When we are comfortable with our own sexuality, life seems to flow smoothly. However, when our sexuality is a source of conflict in out lives, life seems to be full of hurdles and obstacles.

Relationship Counselling

Relationships with loved ones can provide immense joy and happiness. These relationships can also be a source of pain and confusion. Many relationships today lack clear communication between loved ones.

Parental Counselling

Parental counselling is whatever you as a parent need it to be. It often involves dealing with stress in a more effective manner, so that you are less likely to feel overwhelmed by everything going on.

Trauma Counselling

Life can be traumatic at times, and often people do not understand the effect of trauma on one’s coping abilities. Society has a limited understanding of what trauma is, and often cannot understand why some people are traumatised by some events.

General Counselling

In addition to trauma and relationship counselling, I offer counselling for a variety of situations where an objective outsider is beneficial for overcoming certain situations.

What Now?

So something really bad has happened to you or a loved one…What Now?

What Now Counselling offers a wide range of counselling services for the crappy things that happen in life that can often leave you thinking “What Now?”

Life can be traumatic at times, and often people do not understand the effect trauma has on one’s coping abilities. Society has a limited understanding of what trauma is, and often cannot understand why some people are traumatised by “seemingly small events”. For the person who is traumatised, these events are not small, in fact, they feel very big and important, and can have an influence on how that person reacts to situations in the future.



0001Tools for Having "The Talks" is a 3 day workshop series for parents, sharing some important tools and information for having age appropriate conversations with your children about bodies, touching, safety and sex.

We all want our children to remain innocent for as long as possible. Being innocent and being ignorant are not the same thing. Without the opportunity for fact based conversations, ignorance increases our children's risks. These workshops help parents to distinguish between the two, where we discuss ways to maintain our children's innocence, while opening up lines of communication between parents and children around these often silent topics.

Book your space at an upcoming series - or host your own - Where we discuss how to be more comfortable with talking about these things. 


About Me


Hi, my name is Casey and I’m a Registered Counsellor.  I specialise in sexuality, gender, relationships, parenting and trauma. I provide counselling for individuals and couples, as well as sexuality education workshops for parents and adults (How to incorporate sex toys into a relationship).

I have a Masters in Psychology (Research) Degrees where my thesis looked at how 2014 matriculates evaluated the sex education received in school. I have been reading up on, and studying human sexuality since 2010. 

I’d love to hear from you.



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What Are My Rates?

All sessions are paid up front, before the session begins.

Counselling Fees 

The fee is R600 per 45-60 minute session when paying via cash or EFT. Card payments carry an additional R20 convenience fee.

You may submit your invoice to Medical Aid for reimbursement, if there are benefits available on your plan.

Please note, I require a 24 hour notice period for cancellations. Medical Aids do not reimburse for missed appointments or late cancellations (within 24 hours of your appointment).

Workshop Fees

If you attend a workshop hosted by me: R2000 per person, or R3500 if booking for two people.

If you would like to host a workshop for you and the parents you know, the fee is R1600 per person if hosted within Gauteng (a travel fee per km may apply for distances outside of 20 km from Edenvale). Travel and accommodation needs to be considered for workshops outside of Gauteng.

If you'd like to host my workshops or a talk for parents and/or teachers, at your child's school; I have a range of options for how you can book me.

Speaking Engagements

My fee as a guest speaker depends on the event and what kind of talk you would like me to provide. Let's chat about your event, and what you'd like me to cover in my talk.


My Blog

Here you can find some of my thoughts and opinions in regards to some topics you might also find interesting.